19th May App Questions

19th May 2020 

NHS App Questions

You sent us your questions, as promised we put them to Dr. Geraint Lewis of NHSX who are developing the app. He is happy to receive any more questions you may have, as it is helpful in developing the app. Please do send them to us and we will pass them on!

Who will have access to the data after the trial? Will it fall under GDPR rules for personal data?

The NHS COVID-19 app data will only ever be used for NHS care, management, evaluation and research. At this stage, research purposes are yet to be determined and will be considered once the coronavirus crisis has ended. We believe that data gathered by the app might help future generations to manage future pandemics and to help with NHS planning. Data will be retained in line with the law and on the basis of the necessary approvals required by law.   


I realise this is part of the “lockdown lifting” toolbox, alongside increased virology testing and quick action on isolation. As a medical professional, is your advice still maintain social distancing?

All the current guidance around social distancing will remain in place. People on the Isle of Wight are benefitting from being given early access to new services that will soon be offered to the whole of the UK.
One of the reasons we’ve chosen the Isle of Wight is that, compared to the UK as a whole, there have been fewer COVID-19 cases. We have capacity on the Isle of Wight to control the virus through this period.

Does the app give us a quicker view, or advanced warning of a second peak?

The NHS COVID-19 app asks an app user for their postal district when they download it in order to understand the geographical distribution of:

  • App uptake
  • Reported symptoms of coronavirus
  • Potential transmission events

This data will be used to understand both where the virus is spreading, and how fast it is spreading in different locations. This information could be used to, for example, coordinate local responses – be it by increased provisioning at the local NHS Trust or deploying more Test and Trace resources.   

How much feedback have you had? An employee of mine has had notification that he as been in contact with someone that has reported symptoms, he didn’t know what to do as the advice given by the app is avoid going out and wash your hands for 14 days. Will he get an update if the other person tests positive or negative? 

Receiving a notification from the NHS COVID-19 app does not mean you have necessarily been infected by the virus. You should continue to stay alert and follow government guidance such as social distancing and washing your hands regularly.
If you do not have symptoms, you do not need to self-isolate at this time.
If you do develop symptoms,  please report your symptoms in the app and follow general guidance which can be found at NHS COVID-19 medical advice.

If you have any more questions or need our help with anything, please email clp@iowlabour.co.uk