In response to a story from the Isle of Wight County Press (link HERE) A, Island Labour’s candidate, Richard Quigley has today condemned closing the Isle of Wight’s dementia ward and sending patients to the mainland.

“Stories like this should outrage us all. They speak of an NHS in crisis after a decade of Tory cuts. But for us here on the island, they also speak of a system which isn’t putting the needs of patients and their families first. It is obscene that patients with dementia should be forced to the mainland, because cuts have closed a ward here on the island which would keep them close to friends and family.

“That isn’t what Labour built the NHS to be, and its not what it will be under the next Labour government. The next Labour government will end the privatisation of the NHS and properly fund it to meet need where it exists. If elected MP, I will ensure that the moving of services to the mainland will be stopped. Islanders deserve better.”