22nd November 2019

Labour Candidate, Richard Quigley (right) with Maria Villa-Vine

On Thursday 21st, the Labour Party launched its manifesto “It’s time for real change”

The manifesto, and its accompanying booklet showing how all plans will be funded, marks the most exciting and radical policy proposal for a generation.

Today, Labour’s candidate for MP, Richard Quigley, said:

“I know a lot of people were wondering how we could improve on the excellent 2017 manifesto, which was such a game-changer in that election. But this goes much better. It is truly a blueprint for a better country, and a better future for our children.”

“I’m particularly excited about how the policies in the manifesto will be central to the future prosperity of the Island under the next Labour government.”

“The implications for the Island are profound and the potential is enormous:

 Our 4.3% rise in NHS budgets, and policy of funding NHS provision based on where the need is, will end the dismantling of St Mary’s and restore our local GP services

 By raising the minimum wage to £10 for everyone, we will be giving an instant pay rise to thousands of Islanders, meaning more money in pockets and being spent in our island economy

 The National Care Service, offering free personal care and capping overall costs, will improve the lives of our elderly Islanders

 The Green New Deal will create new Climate apprenticeships on the island as part of the 320,000 nationwide, and with our existing firms working in the green economy, I’ll ensure that we benefit from the one million new jobs in Green industries

 Restoring Rail, Mail, Water and Energy to public ownership will bring Islanders’ bills down

 Scrapping Universal Credit will bring long overdue relief to more than 4,000 Island families

 Free bus travel for under-25s, coupled with the future regulation of the transport system, will make our buses, trains and ferries work for all Islanders

 We will restore the hundreds of pounds per pupil which Island schools have lost due to underfunding, and restore all our schools to our communities

“I’m genuinely excited to be standing for such a transformative programme of change for the Island.”