27th November 2019

Today, Jeremy Corbyn revealed details of secret Government talks with American officials, aimed at putting the NHS on the negotiating table in any future Tory-US trade talks.

Although Boris Johnson denied such talks had taken place on live television during the leaders’ debates, today Mr Corbyn revealed unredacted documents which clearly showed the government’s intent to open up the NHS to US corporations, and drive up the cost of treatment.

Richard Quigley, Labour’s candidate on the Isle of Wight, warned last week that we had just four weeks to save St Mary’s from further dismantling by a Tory government. Today’s shocking revelation lends weight to that claim.

Mr Quigley said:

“Bob Seely wrote to me yesterday about our parties’ respective Brexit policies. I replied that I understand all too well why the Tories would like to talk only about Brexit in this election.

“The first reason is because their manifesto offers nothing of substance to address the problems of this country and this Island. It pales into insignificance alongside Labour’s exciting and comprehensive range of policies.”

“The second reason is because the Tories do not want us to look behind the Brexit curtain at what they have planned. Jeremy Corbyn lifted that curtain today, and all Islanders should take a long, hard look at what was revealed.”

“The choice before us is very clear. A Labour government which offers:
– £26 billion (£40 billion in cash terms) for the NHS;
– More funding to tackle growing waiting lists, A&E and improve cancer care;
– Raising capital investment by £15 billion to clear repair bill, transform mental health wards, more state of art equipment especially MRI & CT scanners;
-Extra investment for mental health services to give it biggest priority ever;
– £1 billion in staff training, bringing back bursary for 28,000 extra nurses, midwives, health visitors, 5,000 extra GPs;
– £1 billion boost for public health to reverse public health cuts;
or a Conservative government already secretly planning to sell off our NHS.”

“I guarantee that, as MP, I will never allow the Island’s NHS to be privatised.”