30th March 2020

Island Labour’s 2019 Parliamentary candidate, Richard Quigley, today thanked Island workers for their continued efforts during the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Quigley said:

“I think it is right that we all applauded our hard working NHS staff on Thursday night. They have been coping with a lack of resources long before Covid19 struck, and this crisis has highlighted further just how much of themselves they put into their jobs.”

“The police and fire crews must also be acknowledged for stepping up too. However, when you think about it, whilst many of us may be lucky enough to be somewhere safe, there is a whole list of workers out there keeping everything going.”

“There are Islanders putting themselves on the frontline so we can eat, have clear drains, catch the bus or train, have our bins emptied, get deliveries, and have our children looked after if we are key workers. In addition, hundreds have volunteered to help out in the community.”

“Included in that list are the factory workers still going in to work at places like GKN, Vestas and Vikoma. These businesses have come in for some criticism for staying open. I know that none of these businesses wants to endanger their employees. It’s those employees that make the products that keep them in business. The problem is, the penalty clauses in many supply contracts mean that the cost of not delivering the goods would mean there is no business to go back to when this is all over.

“If the government would help firms out with the contract penalties, I’m  sure they would gladly send their staff home. So rather than demonise these firms, we should add the brave men and woman going in to work to the list of heroes and do everything we can to keep them safe.”