6th February 2020

Island Labour notes that the Conservative council once again plans to raise council tax by 4% while cutting services. According to Tory council leader Dave Stewart, this paying more for less is the “exciting” consequence of having a Tory council, a Tory MP and a Tory government. We couldn’t agree more with Dave.

Calling cuts “savings” doesn’t disguise the fact that the Tory council is failing to deliver the services Islanders need, while taking more money out of the Island’s economy in big council tax increases. Even the dead will be forced to pay more for their incompetence, as funeral and cremation charges are increased.

Island Labour’s 2019 General Election candidate, Richard Quigley, said:

“Even the Tory council has a tendency to blame their own government, and claim they couldn’t do more. But actually, some of the blame for this sits squarely with them.

“One of the council’s problems is that the off-island investments the council have made to provide income, are not performing as well as expected. During the election campaign, I made clear the council investment strategy should benefit Islanders.”

“Preston’s Labour council, in a town with a similar population to the Isle of Wight, has been lauded nationally for defying austerity and creating local economic improvement by investing locally through its purchasing power, as well as through persuading private companies to invest locally with them.”

“As things stand, an investment in one, or both, of the highly profitable Ferry companies would be a better choice. It might also allow us to put pressure on the companies to run better services.”

“Next year, Islanders will have the chance to improveĀ  our own economy by electing a Labour council which, unlike the Tories, is willing to invest in Islanders.”