27th February 2020

The Conservative council has now confirmed that Islanders will see their council tax bills rise by 4% next year (£50 extra for a Band C household). In addition, the Conservative council plans further cuts of at least £4.5 million in the next financial year.

Around the country, Labour councils have been fighting back against the cuts handed down by the Conservative Government.

  • Trafford Labour council delivered a council tax freeze for the second year running.
  • Ealing Labour council provided £600,000 extra funding for schools
  • In Manchester, the Labour Council made all care-leavers exempt from Council Tax until age 25
  • Waltham Forest Labour council opened two new leisure facilities to provide health and recreation for their community
  • Plymouth Labour council opened a dozen Wellbeing Hubs with the local community, to promote better health
  • Telford and Wrekin Labour council set up NuPlace to deliver 420 new rented properties, earning income for the council and bringing brownfield sites into use
  • Stockport Labour council have embarked on the largest tree-planting programme in its history, planting 2,200 trees in the next four years
  • Exeter Labour council is replacing its petrol vehicle fleet with electroc vehicles, to reduce emissions and improve air quality
  • Durham County Council have established an anti-fly-tipping programme with the police which has seen fly-tipping slashed by 23%
  • Preston Labour council has become a model of how to invest in the local community by using its procurement policy to keep money local

Labour’s Chair, Julian Critchley, said: “There is nothing inevitable about either the cuts or the tax rises which are imposed on Islanders every year by the Conservative councillors.”

“Labour councils around the country have been showing that with innovation and investment, citizens can expect better services from their councils.”

“Next year, Islanders have a choice. More of the same cuts and tax hikes, or a better future, with a Labour council.”