15th June 2020

West and Central Wight Branch Labour Party

In light of the pandemic, we have concerns over the intention to close the All Saints School site and the proposed increase in the number of children to attend Yarmouth Primary School.

It will be very difficult to comply with Government guidance on social distancing in schools if the number of children who attend Yarmouth is increased so dramatically.  There is no legislative necessity for any rush with closing the All Saints site and delays to the planning process caused by Covid-19 mean that renovation work is unlikely to commence next academic year.

We therefore urge those responsible for the implementation of this plan to reconsider the timing of this transition and look at ensuring the school site in Freshwater can continue to be utilised throughout the Covid-19 crisis.  Thus providing the opportunity for the greatest number of children to access full time education while protecting the health of all in our community.

Gareth Page,

Chair, West and Central Wight Labour Party