24th June 2020

Julian Critchley, Island Labour Chair

A Labour-led council on the Isle of Wight would seek to turn the island into an
exporter of renewable energy. There would be no place for oil drilling or
fracking on the island under this plan.

Labour’s Southampton City Council established a local energy company which
reduces bills for local residents, while also providing all its energy from
renewable sources. Labour on the Isle of Wight would establish a similar
company to reduce residents’ bills.

However, Labour on the Island would go further. Island Labour’s Chair, Julian
Critchley, said:

“The island is blessed with excellent conditions to become a renewable energy
powerhouse. We have one of the sunniest climates in the UK, we are
surrounded by waters with large tidal ranges, and both onshore and offshore
wind power is an as-yet untapped resource.”

“A Labour-led council would set up a local energy company, as Southampton
did. Initially, this would focus on reducing bills for residents. But in the longer
term, we would be looking to reinvest returns from that company into
renewable energy generation. The Island should be exporting clean energy to
the rest of the UK, and Islanders can all benefit from that.”

“The repeated attempts to drill for oil on the island are ridiculous. Not only do
Islanders not want it, but the world can’t afford it. More to the point, with the
renewable options we have which are currently untapped, it’s completely