6th July 2020

Today, Boris Johnson attempted to blame care home workers and care home owners for the deaths of residents during the pandemic his Government has so badly mishandled.

In an interview in Yorkshire today, Johnson claimed that care home workers were to blame for up to 20,000 deaths through not “follow[ing]  procedures”. This attack comes after his own government has been rightly criticised for a litany of failures to protect care home residents and staff.

Island Labour Chair, Julian Critchley, said

“This is a disgraceful attempt to shift blame for his own government’s disastrous handling of the pandemic.”

“Isle of Wight care workers have worked night and day throughout this period to try and protect and provide for their residents. They’ve had to manage this despite repeated government failures such as the shortage of PPE, non-existent guidance and catastrophic decision-making which saw untested people moved from hospitals into care homes.”

“For Johnson to try to blame those workers for his own incompetence is an appalling, cynical abdication of responsibility.”

“Island Labour applauds all our care home workers on the Island, and thanks them for everything they did to care for their residents in the face of Government incompetence and indifference.”

Link : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/boris-johnson-coronavirus-care-home-death-toll-uk-update-a9604426.html