3rd August 2020

Today, Richard Quigley, Island Labour’s 2019 candidate, issued a statement on the possibility of motorbike racing being brought to the Island.

Mr Quigley said:

“I’ve read with great interest the plan for Diamond races to bring our very own race to the IW. I have been in contact with the organisers to express my concerns over the environmental impact and the concerns of residents, but overall I am in support of the initiative.”

“The plan has the full backing of the council (though not our MP) and whilst there are many things I could criticise them for, supporting the Island as a visitor destination isn’t one of them.”

“Do I want to encourage motorcyclists to “race” the course all year round, absolutely not. The way to avoid this is to provide sufficient policing to prevent it, maybe our MP could have voted against cuts to policing and local authority funding.”

“The organisers are committing to community initiatives that will leave a positive legacy.

The Island has many opportunities to offer, not all of them are sea based, so an activity such as this opens up a new reason to visit and with it a whole new lot of visitors.”

“I reserve the right to ask the organisers to mitigate the environmental impacts, as we all would and I believe the best way to achieve that is through an involved and positive approach with the organisers.”

“My experience of motorcycle groups is they are, by and large, sensible people that just enjoy the pleasure of motorcycling. Through engagement and proper planning, this could be an event the whole Island could be proud of. Let’s not demonise it before it has begun”