General Election 2019

This election is about more than Brexit. It’s about the environment, schools, our beloved NHS. This is our chance to change our country, for the many, not the privileged few.

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Our Policies

When Labour wins, the nurse wins, the pensioner wins, the student wins, the office worker wins, the engineer wins. We all win. 

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St. Mary's Hospital

Under the Tories, our NHS services are slowly moving to the mainland, only Labour will fight for the NHS.

The Island's Ferries

Islanders deserve better than the service they currently receive. We will campaign for state control and public ownership of the Island’s ferry services.

Fighting For The Environment

We will implement the Green New Deal, which will include: green public transport, phasing out of fossil fuels and zero carbon emissions by 2030.

Island Roads PFI

The Isle of Wight’s Tory Council have continued to slash huge amounts from our highways PFI (over £600k), including CCTV monitoring and winter gritting in rural areas. We will stand up for Islanders and ensure those in rural communities are not left behind.


A lot has changed in the last three years. Our policy on Brexit is clear: negotiate a new deal that protects workers rights and our NHS, then put the decision to the people in a confirmatory vote, with our deal and the option to remain.

Secure Jobs For Islanders

Inequality has ballooned as the economy has shifted towards low-paid, insecure jobs. Our industrial strategy will be built on objective, measurable missions designed to address the great challenges of our times.

Secure Homes For All

Islanders need housing. By the end of the next Parliament, we will be building at least 100,000 council and housing association homes a year for genuinely affordable rent or sale.

Newport Traffic

The reorganisation of traffic in Newport is outrageous and will solve nothing. We will consult residents and put forward a plan that works for all.

Your Candidate:

Richard Quigley

“I moved to the Island 17 years ago from Leeds, to run a business in Cowes – now I wonder how we ever lived so far away from the sea.

I am married and have two daughters (12 & 17) that keep me very busy, but when we have time, we love walking our dog by the sea and getting round the fantastic places the Island has to offer.

Before moving to the beautiful Island, I worked in food and drink logistics, but deciding I wanted a different life, I left corporate life behind.

Richard and his business are long-term supporters of the Isle of Wight Foodbank, and he is a trustee of the Isle of Wight Footprint Trust.

Richard Quigley Biography:

 Background in engineering and logistics
 Worked for a number of companies in the food production sector
 Has performed small business consultancy work for IW tourism
 Previously a School governor at Northwood primary school, still a founder member
 Previously a Trustee and Director of early years provision at a pre-school
 Currently a trustee of the Footprint Trust, a fuel poverty charity;


 Richard supports the IW foodbank with matched donations from his business
 Worked with a number of other charities including the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust
and music therapy for disabled children
 Sponsor of a local football team and previously a brass band
 Previously a trustee of North Medina Community Trust
 Has been a foster parent

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Hear from Richard

“I am delighted to be representing the Labour Party on the Isle of Wight. We all have the biggest decision in a lifetime to make, whether we allow the Conservatives to continue breaking down our NHS, public services and communities on our fantastic Island or we can choose to make real change with a Labour government, investing in our communities, providing the services we need and acting for everyone not just the priviliged few”

Richard Quigley, Labour Candidate, 2019


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Do you support a fixed link?

I can see the pros and cons (commercial and social), the problem will be funding. After 9 years of Tory underfunding, my priority would be to ensure we have adequate health provision, to reduce the need for cross-solent travel. More frequent and cheaper ferries would partly resolve this, and our policy is to bring the ferry companies back into public ownership.

How would you deal with Brexit?

 Despite what the media say, our Brexit policy is clear: we will renegotiate a deal the protects workers rights, jobs and our NHS, then put the issue back to the people with a confirmatory vote on the new deal, or remain. It started with the people and it needs to end with the people.

What would you do to make transport work for Islanders?

We all know how expensive and limiting cross-Solent travel is. I will push for a more frequent and affordable service. Our policy is to introduce state control, leading to public ownership of the ferry companies.

Compared to much of the country, we actually have a good bus service, but it still doesn’t serve our communities as it should. Our residents shouldn’t be forced to rely on cars as their only means of transport. Our train service is under-utilised and any route to expanding the reach of the train lines will be pursued to provide an integrated transport network that works for all of us.

St. Mary's Hospital and our NHS is in crisis, how do we fix it?

We’re in a situation where more and more of our hospital services are being moved off Island to save money. Nine years of this government putting profit before people has taken its toll on the hard working doctors, nurses, cleaners and support staff that work tirelessly to save peoples lives.

Properly funding our hospital, to make sure NHS staff can properly do the job that they work so hard at will be my first priority.

This Conservative government is hell bent on back door privatisation and I will not stand idly by allowing that to happen.


What's so good about this 'Green New Deal'?

With only 11 years left to limit climate catastrophe, the stakes couldn’t be higher: it’s Labour’s Green New Deal or Johnson’s Tory nightmare. Socialism or barbarism.

What do you make of fracking?

Even this government has admitted fracking isn’t safe. In a world facing a climate crisis, finding ever more dubious ways to burn fossil fuels makes no sense. Investment in renewables will always be the preferred way of supplying our energy needs.

Upcoming Campaign Events

Sat 30th Nov, 10am, outside the Coop, Anglesea Street, Ryde, Campaigning.

Sat 30th Nov, 10am, outside Waitrose, Well Road, East Cowes, Campaigning.

Sat 30th Nov, 11am, outside Costa, St. James’ Square, Newport, Leafletting.

Weds 4th Dec, 7.30pm, West Wight Sports Centre, Moa Place, Freshwater, Meet The Candidate

Thurs 5th Dec, 6pm, Cowes Enterprise College, Crossfield Avenue, Cowes, County Press/ IW Radio Hustings.

Sat 7th Dec, 10am, outside the Coop, Anglesea Street, Ryde, Campaigning.


Mon 2nd Dec, 7pm, Congregational Church, Pyle St, Newport, Biosphere, climate and the future economy. (Chaired by Matthew Chatfield BSc., CEnv, CIEEM – a known Island environmentalist)


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